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2The Mobility Shop is a leading national provider of durable medical equipment.  The founder and staff have over 21 years of experience working and servicing people with disabilities.  Our mission is to be the leading provider of home healthcare products for people with disabilities while ensuring our customer's needs are met through our extraordinary customer care.


Get Mobility Now...maneuver around your home or workplace

A free and active lifestyle is within your reach at The Mobility Shop, a leader in mobility and home healthcare products. As a leading provider of durable medical equipment, we make it easy for you to obtain what you need. We assess your needs, work with your physician, and handle your paperwork. We even deliver to your door at no additional charge.

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What We Do

Think Easy and Convenient

The Mobility Shop delivers you a wide range of products to meet any of your healthcare needs.  Our areas of expertise includes mobility products such as wheelchairs and scooters.  Not only do we deliver these products to your door, we set up and train you on your new equipment.

We make the process of purchasing your equipment simple and easy.  Not only do we deliver your healthcare needs but we service the products you purchase from us.  Charges for services are available upon request.